Passions in life are often close to the heart and the same can be said for the Sports Law we practice.

With numerous Partners at MBA Lawyers on the boards of Sporting Clubs and many of our team participating or patrons of local clubs there is strong connection. From grassroots to established enterprise level entertainment hubs, trafficking through the modern media landscape requires more and more sophistication each and every day. We are ideally prepared in Entertainment Law and support across this ever evolving playing field.

Sports is big business these days and we have dedicated Sports Law specialists to act for you if you’re a professional player, negotiating personal matters, sponsorship, endorsement and any other legal matter. Our specialists also support Social Media Law representing social media “influencers” in a range of online matters including online businesses and collaborations.


We’ve gladly got your back, boasting experts in Sports, Media and Defamation, including specific qualifications majoring in Sports Law by Matt Windle who is also an Accredited Rugby Union Player Agent. We’re the ideal team to help you thrive.